SIXTY ONE GALLERY presents a new magnificent collection of art works by Noriko KURAFUJI

28 November - 12 December

"I initially intend to digest, from my point of view, various figures, colors and sounds which are perceived in the everyday life, and then try to express them as the space with clear warmth and the moment, on my pictures. I often title my painting ‘Nagare’ which is a Japanese word equivalent to ‘flow’ in English. It means a variety of flows and represents a lot of conceptions including, for example, a flow of river, a flow of the cloud, a flow of time, a flow of sound and so on.

Nagare contains “a high context” and consequently my paintings will give viewers their own impression/imagination of vast scope. Someone would say it gives you the conception of flowers and others would image love or the sky in it. It is because the subject of my work may be a flower and, at the same time, love or the sky"